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Parsons Green Fair


Stallholder - FAQs




Q: What time can stallholders start setting up stalls?

A: Stallholders can start setting up from 07.00. Vehicles can be unloaded between 07.00-10.00.


Q: Are there any rules regarding vehicles on the Green?

A: Yes. To protect the grass and trees the Council rules state that vehicles should use the hard-standing paths for access. Vehicles can then drive onto the grass in order to unload but not under the canopy of any tree. Hazard lights should be used when on the Green and a 5mph limit observed.


Q: What time must vehicles be off the Green?

A: All vehicles must be off the Green by 10.00 with the exception of those that form part of a stall e.g. food and beverage suppliers.


Q: At what time must the stall set up be complete?

A: All stalls should be set up by 10.30.  All stalls must have a good standard of presentation and be staffed throughout the day.


Q: What time does the event open and close?

A: The event opens at 11.30 and closes at 17.30.

Q: At what time can stalls be dismantled?

A: Stalls cannot be dismantled before the event closes at 17.30.


Q: When are vehicles allowed back on the Green?

A: Vehicles are not allowed back on the Green until 18.00.


Q: What is the deadline for leaving the Green?

A: Packing up should be completed by 20.30 with all vehicles removed by 22.30 at the latest.




Q: Where is the car park?

A: The Hurlingham Academy, Peterborough Road, Fulham, SW6 3ED


Q: Does parking have to be paid for?

A: Yes.  Charges are £20.00 for a car and £25.00 for a van.  Booking forms for car parking will be issued prior to fair day.

Q: How many vehicles can stall holder’s book?

A: One vehicle only per stall holder

Q: When does the car park open?

A: The car park is open between 07.00 -11.00 and 17.00 - 19.00. The car park is closed between 11.00 - 17.00.

Stall holder bookings

Q: I have submitted an application form so is my booking confirmed?

A: Bookings are not confirmed until a booking confirmation has been issued.

Q: What is the deadline for applications?

A: The final date for applications is 1st April 2024.  Applications should be submitted  with payment.

Q: What is the size and price for a pitch only?

A: A pitch only is 12ft by 12ft and costs £130 for a commercial concern or £55 for a charity.

Q: What is the size and price for covered stalls?

A: One covered stall including a table is 7ft x 3ft and costs £150 for a commercial concern or £60 for a charity. Two covered stalls including tables is 14ft x 3ft and costs £250 for a commercial concern or £85 for a charity.

Q: Do tables and chairs cost extra?

A: Tables are included in the cost of covered stalls. 6ft x 3ft tables for pitch only sites cost £15 each for a commercial concern or £10 each for a charity.  Chairs cost £10 each for a commercial concern or £5 each for a charity.

Q: Can payment be made by cheque?

A: No.  Payment must be made by BACS quoting your company name on the bank transfer.


Q: What are the banking details for payments?

A: BACS payments should be made to:- CAF Bank, Account name: FGNS Parsons Green Fair, Sort code: 40-52-40, Account number: 00031739

Q: Can I cancel my booking and get a refund?

A: If a booking is cancelled at least 4 weeks prior to the date of the event a refund of 50% will be made.  After that date no refunds will be given.


Q: Can stall holders choose their pitch position?

A: Management will determine the pitch locations.  If a specific location is required for any reason this should be stated at the time of application.  Every effort will be made to accommodate such requests at the discretion of the organisers.

Q: Do stallholders need indemnity insurance?

A: It is recommended that all stall/pitch holders take out indemnity insurance to cover themselves against any accident(s) or any claims(s) by a purchaser of their goods/services.


Q: Do stallholders need to provide a risk assessment?

A: If a stallholder is running an activity on their stall in which members of the public are expected to participate a risk assessment must be provided with the application form.


The Pitch

Q: Does the pitch fee include a table or chairs in the price?

A: No.  We are happy to provide these at the additional cost of £15 for 6ft x 3ft tables for a commercial concern or £10 each for a charity.  Chairs cost £10 each for a commercial concern or £5 each for a charity.



Q: Can I have electricity/power to my stall or pitch?

A: We are unable to provide electricity/power to individual stall holders.


Stall Contents

Q: Can stalls have amplified music playing?

A: No, not without prior permission.


Q: Are there any products, services and/or craftworks that are not allowed to be sold or given as prizes during the event?

A: Yes.  Stall holders must not offer second-hand electrical or counterfeit goods or sell any animal, bird, fish or other living thing.  Inflatable toys, helium balloons and toy knives are not to be sold or given as prizes during the event.


Q: Do food outlets have to comply with any specific regulations?

A: Yes.  Food outlets are required to display a current Food Hygiene Rating Scheme Certificate (or equivalent certification from the Local Authority they are registered with) and appropriate fire extinguishers. In addition, stalls offering high risk foods e.g. meat products, sandwiches, etc., must have appropriate hand washing and sanitising facilities in place.


Q: Do stalls offering animal handling have to comply with any specific regulations?

A: Yes.  Stalls offering animal handling will provide hand washing and sanitising facilities.



Q: Can I sell alcohol on my stall?

A: No.  Parsons Green Fair is not a licensed event.  Individual stallholders are not permitted to sell alcohol.  Your stall may offer alcoholic drinks to the general public (18 +)  free of charge. 


Q: Will alcohol be available during the event?

A: No.  Food and beverage outlets will not be serving alcohol.There are two pubs on  either side of the green.


First Aid


Q: What is the first aid provision?

A: There will be a first aid station on hand with a qualified first aider throughout the day.


Event Office


Q: Where do I go if I have any questions on the day?

A: The event office will be situated in a marked tent and will be manned from 07.30 18.30.



Q: Will there be a photographer at the event?

A: Yes.  It is possible to opt out by collecting a yellow ribbon from the event office which should be worn and visible to the photographer.



Q: Are public toilets available at the event?

A: Yes.  Toilets, including one disabled access toilet, will be available throughout the day.  




Q: Is water available at the event?

A: No.  Please provide your own water during the day.

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