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  1. By Management / Organisers we shall mean Fulham Good Neighbours Service, a private company limited by guarantee, registered charity No 1113752. 

  2. Full payment must accompany all bookings – Payments by BACS must include your company/charity/school name. BOOKINGS ARE NOT CONFIRMED UNTIL A BOOKING CONFIRMATION IS ISSUED. If for any reason your booking is not confirmed any cleared payments received will be refunded. FINAL DATE FOR APPLICATIONS IS 1ST APRIL 2024.

  3. Only quality goods, services and/or craftwork at a fair price should be on sale. These should be appropriate for a community fair. You must not offer second‐hand electrical or counterfeit goods. Stall holders must not sell any animal, bird, fish or any other living thing.  Inflatable toys (hammers, bats etc), helium balloons and toy knives are not to be sold or given as prizes during the event.  These items may be confiscated by the event organisers or police. No alcohol is to be sold from the pitch or stall. 

  4. No amplified music is permitted on the stall(s) without prior permission. 

  5. Charity rates are only available to registered charities providing a valid charity registration number which will be verified. 

  6. Only those items listed on Booking Form will be provided – stallholders are expected to supply any other equipment they require. 

  7. Management shall be responsible for determining pitch locations. If a specific location is required for any reason this should be stated at the time of application and we will make every endeavour to accommodate such requests and is entirely at the discretion of the organisers. 

  8. Stalls must be set up by 10.30am and be staffed throughout the day and meet a good standard of presentation.

  9. It is recommended that all stall/ pitch holders take out indemnity insurance to cover themselves against any accident(s) or any claim(s) by a purchaser of their goods /services.

  10. There are new Council rules for vehicles to protect the grass and trees on the Green. Vehicles should use the hard-standing paths and then may drive onto the grass but not under the canopy of any tree.   Hazard lights should be used when on the Green and a 5 MPH limit observed.  Please unload quickly and then move your vehicle away. No vehicles are permitted to remain on Parsons Green between 10.00 and 18.00 on the fair day other than vehicles which form part of a stall, E.G. vehicles from which food/drink are served. Stallholders are responsible for parking costs for any vehicles they bring.  Vehicles must leave the Green by 22.30 hrs on the day of the fair.

  11. If you are running an activity on your stall in which members of the public are expected to participate please enclose a risk assessment with your Application Form. 

  12. Food outlets are required to display a current Food Hygiene Rating Scheme Certificate (or equivalent certification from the Local Authority with whom you are registered) and appropriate fire extinguishers. Please note that you may be subject to a spot check on the day. The operation of any food business/stall must comply with the Food Hygiene England Regulations 2013 and the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974. This is only applicable to food sold for consumption on the day. Please note stalls offering high risk foods, e.g. burgers/meat products, sandwiches etc., must have appropriate hand washing and sanitising facilities in place. 

  13. Stalls offering animal handling must provide hand washing and sanitising facilities. 

  14. No petrol generators are allowed at all on the green as per instructions from the local authority.

  15. Tables may not be dismantled before the fair closes at 17.30 unless management exceptionally agrees. Upon closure of the fair, stallholders agree to clear any rubbish away from the area around their stall and to take rubbish bags away with them or place in bins provided. 

  16. Management cannot be held liable for: 

    1. loss or damage to any goods or property whilst exhibiting, loading and unloading. Stallholders are responsible for the security of their stall(s), equipment, stock, cash and any other property. 

    2. any injury you or your staff or colleagues may incur, sustain or suffer whilst present at the fair unless such injury is caused by our negligence 

    3. loss of monies or lack of earnings caused by the position of the stall/pitch or any other cause 

    4. any penalty imposed by anybody due to the applicant/stall holder’s failure to comply with any statutory requirements concerning their trading activities 

    5. any injury to, or illness of, any person or any damage to property caused by the stall holder resulting from any or all of its activities in connection with their stall/pitch or at the fair 

  17. Management reserve the right to cancel a booking on the day, if in their opinion, the stallholder: 

    1. is not complying with any of these terms and continues not to comply after having been requested to do so;

    2. is creating a nuisance or danger to attendees or other stallholders;

    3. is not complying adequately with any of the fair organisers reasonable requests;

    4. does not remove a vehicle from the Green after being requested to do so;

    5. is selling products or services which do not match the description on the booking form; or

    6. is absent from his stall for an unreasonable period 

  18. No refunds will be made to any stall/pitch holder who is unable to attend on the day.

  19. If full, cleared payment of the amount on the Booking Application has not been received for a booking prior to 1st APRIL 2024, that booking will be automatically cancelled and entry to the fair shall not be permitted. 

  20. If a booking is cancelled at least 4 weeks’ prior to the date of the fair we will refund 50% of any amount you have paid. After that date no refunds will be given. If you fail to attend on the day you will be charged the full rate against your payment. 

  21. No Sub-letting – when you reserve a stall/pitch it is for sole occupancy and must not be split between others on the day of the fair.

  22. Management cannot be held responsible for circumstances beyond their control which may lead to the event being disrupted, postponed or in severe cases cancelled. Such circumstances could be adverse weather, civil unrest etc. No refund will be given but every effort will be made to continue or re‐schedule the event at the earliest opportunity. 

Parsons Green Fair is committed to using as few single-use consumer plastics as possible. We support the national effort to eliminate all avoidable waste and hope our stall-holders, food and drink vendors and guests will work with us to create a cleaner, greener community.

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